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A high-quality wood fence might be the finishing touch your property is waiting for. We can make it happen.

Gladiator Fence is a local fence building company. We’ve spent the past decade serving our family, friends and neighbors in the DFW metro. Our work is based on integrity and hard work, and our goal for every project is to exceed industry standards.

Are you looking for wood fence companies in Dallas and Fort Worth? Our team would love to serve you.

We want you to get the best wood fence in Fort Worth. When it comes to finding the company to build it for you, there are a few things we think you should know. Since most people aren’t wood fence experts, we decided to create a little guide to finding the right wood fence in Dallas.

Here are some things you should be looking for when speaking with fence companies, and the ways that Gladiator Fence goes above and beyond industry standards to provide the best service and finished product for every client.

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Look to the Source

Every project has to be done right from start to finish. The areas of work you don’t see have just as much impact on the final product as the labor you witness. If you’re looking for someone to build you a wood fence in Fort Worth, you need to know where the lumber is coming from.

Sourcing is one of the most important factors in determining the durability of a fence. For a strong, long-lasting final product, you’ve got to have the best materials. We do.

Gladiator Fence searched across the country to find the best wood for our fences. We only work with two sources, because we could only find two that meet our requirements.

Our options for wood fences in Dallas and Fort Worth include:

  • Cedar
  • Redwood
  • Spruce
  • Pine
  • And More

We won’t sacrifice on quality, which is why we can build you a strong, durable, good-looking wood fence in Dallas or Fort Worth.

No two properties are the same. The grading of the land, the shape of the yard, the aesthetic appeal of the neighborhood — each requires a custom touch. Gladiator Fence takes the time to find the right solution for each individual project.

Wood fences in Fort Worth and Dallas offer a classic look that never goes out of style. With all the different approaches to fence building and different styles of fence, we’re sure we can find the perfect fit for your property. Our work ethic and attention to detail are second to none. That means that we will take the required time to create the perfect fence — just for you.

When looking for a wood fence contractor in Dallas or Fort Worth, make sure they’re not trying to force a one-size-fits-all fence onto your unique property. It’s a disservice to you, and it will result in a weaker fence that does not last as long.

Wood fencing is a craft. We know, that may sound a bit pretentious. But, hear us out.

You wouldn’t hire a dishwasher repairman to re-tile your floor, or a roofer to fix your HVAC. Sure, all the systems are connected to your home. But each is unique, and it takes an expert to get the job done right.

Gladiator Fence can provide the best wood fences installation in Dallas and Fort Worth because we have the best carpenters in town. More than generalized contractors — we are experts. It takes time and dedication to craft custom fence solutions for each individual property.  The difference in the final product is palpable.

How many times have you been driving around and seen a wood fence in Fort Worth or Dallas that looks like someone threw a can of dull green paint over it? The wood is worn out and starting to rot. It’s streaky, and it definitely looks like a solid kick would send it toppling down.

Yeah, we see that a lot too. We think it’s wrong.

Your wood fence in Dallas should stand the test of time. Gladiator Fence builds with a specific focus on longevity. Our sourcing and expert craftsmanship result in fences that last years longer than others.

A fence is a defining feature of your property. We understand the trust you place in our team when you choose Gladiator Fence as your wood fence company in Dallas or Fort Worth. We believe the return you receive should not only be an excellent final product, but also an enjoyable experience along the way.

Contractors are stereotypically a bit gruff. Great with their hands — not so great with people. At Gladiator Fence, we do things differently.

We believe that an excellent customer experience from start to finish is an essential part of a high-quality wood fence in Fort Worth. With Gladiator Fence, you will always be respected. Your concerns will be heard, and your specific hopes for the project will be fulfilled.

See Our Wood Fence Installations

Still trying to visualize the right type of wood fence for your property? Take a look at our gallery to see some of our past installations. Although it is only a small sampling, you’ll clearly see the benefits of our custom-made approach.


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The right wood fence can add security, privacy and value to your property. To get the best final product, you should work with your hometown fence company — Gladiator Fence.

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