Our Quality Promise

A quality fence in Dallas or Fort Worth can add value, function and aesthetic appeal to your property for years. It’s a great long-term investment that can improve your home or business significantly.

But, it has to be done the right way.

Why? A fence will be a defining feature of your property. If it’s installed poorly, it can become an eyesore that requires frequent attention and repair.

Ensuring you are receiving a high-quality fence in Dallas or Fort Worth is all about working with the right company. Gladiator Fence could be the hometown fence company to provide professional installation services for you.

We are built on the values of integrity and hard work. With more than 10 years of service all around the DFW Metroplex, we have a proven track record of success. Our promise to you is this: A fence built above industry standards that will add value and aesthetic appeal to your property.

Here’s what we do to give our customers confidence and back up our quality promise.

A quality fence in Dallas or Fort Worth begins long before we show up on your property. In fact, it starts even before you call us for a free consultation. The way a company sources materials has a massive impact on the quality of the final product.

Our lumber comes from two sources. That’s right — after searching the whole country, we could only find two suitable sources that live up to our high standards. As a potential customer interested in a wood fence, this should give you confidence that your fence will be made of the strongest, best-looking, and longest-lasting materials in the country.

Likewise, we provide the materials and labor required for wrought iron fences, chainlink, concrete work and masonry projects. We have dedicated the same intense research and attention to detail in our sourcing of these materials, as well.

A quality fence in Dallas, Fort Worth or the surrounding areas can only be made with the best materials. With Gladiator Fence, that’s exactly what you’re going to get.

Here’s a common sight: A wooden fence, only several years old, riddled with wood rot. Green streaks down the posts, the bases beginning to fall away, the fence heaving and bending due to poor post support.

We’ve all seen it. And it drives us crazy.

Your fence is a serious investment. You put time and resources into choosing a fence company and pay a decent price for installation. In return, you should be left with a strong, durable and aesthetically pleasing fence that stays that way for years and years.

At Gladiator Fence, we build fences that stand the test of time. Longevity is a priority. A quality fence in Fort Worth or Dallas will not significantly deteriorate after only a few years.

Using only the best materials and methods, we ensure that all of our fence installations are built to last. Get the best in return for your investment, and make sure it lasts.

Your property is unique. From the topography of your lot to stylistic preferences, we understand that your fence should be a perfect compliment to your home or business. That’s why all of our installations are custom-designed to meet the customer’s needs.

You won’t get a quality fence in Dallas or Fort Worth if the design is pre-planned. Unfortunately, many companies only offer standard fence builds with little or no deviation based on your unique property.

We think that’s crazy. You can’t force a cookie-cutter fence onto a property and expect it to look great. Instead, our specialists work with you to create a plan that meets your expectations for aesthetic appeal. Additionally, this approach ensures that your fence will maintain its strength for a long time.

Quality work requires dedication and experience. That’s why we employ a team of specialists, not just general contractors. From our carpenters to ironworkers and masonry specialists, we understand how to install the best fences. This is an important piece of our promise to deliver a final project that is above industry standards.

Thanks to decades of combined experience and unmatched attention to detail, our team promises a high-quality fence in Dallas or Fort Worth for your home or business.

You get what you pay for, as the old saying goes. We believe in the value of our work and are committed to delivering the best possible fence for your property.

When it comes to the financial side of things, we promise a fair price. You will get what you pay for as we deliver a strong, long-lasting, quality fence in Dallas, Fort Worth or the surrounding areas. Our fences are built to last and will increase the value and security of your home or business.

Our work backs up our confidence and shows why we have become the fence company of choice for many in the DFW area. Take a look at our gallery to see the types of custom fence installations we have worked on in the past.

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