Privacy Fences

There is a wide array of available styles and materials to build with, not to mention the unique demands of your property to consider. If you want a privacy fence in Fort Worth, Dallas or the surrounding areas that’s guaranteed to add value, function and aesthetic appeal, we believe there’s no better company to work with than Gladiator Fence.

We are a hometown company with more than 10 years of dedicated service. Over that time, we’ve been recognized with several industry awards as a world-class fence company, as well as local business awards as a leading company in the DFW business community.

The awards are nice, but that’s not what we really care about. We care about you, and providing the high-quality services and final products you need. Our team is dedicated to being the best company for installation of Fort Worth privacy fences.

Interested in our services for your privacy fence? Our aim is to build every project above industry standards. Here’s how we do that, and what you can expect when you choose Gladiator Fence for your Fort Worth or Dallas privacy fence installation.

Our Process for Fort Worth Privacy Fence Installation

Every home has unique features. From the shape and topography of the lot to the style of the neighborhood and your specific preferences, your privacy fence in Fort Worth should be built just for you.

Our process begins with a consultation. Each project our team takes on is custom-built to match your home and meet your needs. This way, we ensure that your Dallas privacy fence is not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing and long lasting.

It is our belief that you should thoroughly enjoy your experience throughout this process. Gladiator Fence works hard to deliver not only quality fences, but also excellent customer experiences.

You put your trust in us when you choose our company, and that trust is always reciprocated with the highest level of respect and customer service. This goes from the first phone call, through our time installing your fence, to the finished product. Our team will treat your home like our own, never leaving a worksite in disrepair mid-project and only walking away once we’re sure that we’ve built a fence you can be proud of.

In order to get the best privacy fence in Dallas or Fort Worth, it has to be built with the best materials. Gladiator Fence’s commitment to quality begins long before you contact us with questions about your project.

We have looked all across the country to find the best source materials. After much time and research, we have only identified two lumber sources that live up to our standards. Through hard work and a little creativity, we have figured out how to source only the best wood in the country without passing that cost on to the customer at a burdensome rate.

Your Fort Worth privacy fence from Gladiator Fence will be made of the highest-quality wood in the country.

How many times have you seen a shabby wooden fence? You know what we mean. The wood always looks like it was just soaked by a rainstorm, with green streaks running down the boards, and a plank or two totally out of place. We see this type of fence all over the place, and, honestly, it drives us crazy.

Your privacy fence in Dallas or Fort Worth should stand the test of time. A fence is a long-term investment in your home’s security and aesthetic appeal. That’s why we place a heavy emphasis on longevity for every fence we build. While we do provide fence repair services as well, we pride ourselves on rarely needing them for the fences we build.

With a wide array of styles available through our custom approach, you can be confident that this defining piece of your property will keep you safe, add value to your home, and stay strong for years to come.

Finally, of course, it’s important to us that our fences are built at fair prices. Gladiator Fence has been built on the values of integrity and hard work. That means we will never cut corners, and we will also never quote you a price above what is fair.

Our custom approach to each project means that we aren’t able to quote estimates sight unseen. However, you can be sure that working with our company will result in a high-quality fence that is perfect for your home.

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