Fence Requirements

When it comes to fence requirements in Dallas and Fort Worth, there are two sides to the equation. There are the technical requirements and the practical ones.

The technical requirements have to do with city codes and ordinances. These are important. As local fencing experts, we’re familiar with the requirements in your city for a new fence.

Just as important are the practical requirements. By this, we mean the list of things it takes to build a strong, good-looking and long-lasting fence. Unfortunately, these requirements are often overlooked, resulting in shoddy work and a fence that quickly deteriorates.

To understand how Gladiator Fence aims to build each project above industry standards, it’s important to understand both types of requirements, which is why we’ve created this guide to Dallas and Fort Worth fence code.

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It’s important that your fence is built according to Fort Worth fence code. We are proudly Fort Worth founded and based. This city is our home, and we know the Fort Worth fence laws inside and out. When you work with our team, you won’t have to worry about whether or not your fence is built according to regulations.

For those interested and doing their own research, the pillars of Fort Worth fence regulations are:

   > Front yard fences must not be taller than four feet

   > Chainlink is prohibited in the front yard

   > Properties in historic districts may require additional permissions for fence installation

   > Fort Worth fence permits are required for solid fences with a height above seven feet

   > The same permits are required for open fences with a height above eight feet

There are pages more of exceptions and other Fort Worth fence regulations. You could try to understand all of this yourself, or you could put your trust in an experienced fence company. Any fence we install will be built according to Fort Worth fence code.

Similarly, it’s important for any fence in Dallas to be built in accordance with the city of Dallas fence code. With an office located in Dallas, as well as more than 10 years of experience installing fences all over the city, our team of specialists knows this code well. We will handle all regulatory requirements and Dallas fence permit applications when we provide service for you.

Dallas fence laws are similar to those listed above for Fort Worth, with the most important codes being:

   > A Dallas fence permit is required for fences over six feet tall

   > Front yard fences must be four feet or shorter, or otherwise seek an exception through a permit

   > Repairing broken, bent, rotted and rusted fences is required

   > Fences may not exceed nine feet in height on residential lots

   > Fences more than nine feet high on commercial property are considered structures and require a building permit

Once again, these are a select handful of regulations from the Dallas fence code. Work with our team to ensure that your fence — residential or commercial — is built up to code.

For both Dallas and Fort Worth fence codes, it’s important to remember that your own neighborhood may have its own, more specific requirements. If you are part of a HOA, you should always check to see if your community has its own fencing guidelines.

Thanks to our custom approach, we can design a fence for your property within the limitations of any regional or neighborhood fence codes.

The legal and technical fence requirements in Dallas and Fort Worth provide a helpful outline for fence installation. But, they don’t even come close to everything that’s required to build a fence that will maintain its strength and aesthetic appeal for years. For that, you need a professional like Gladiator Fence.

Our company has been built on the values of integrity and hard work. We know what it takes to build a fence that will continue to add value, security and aesthetic appeal to your property for years to come.

We strive to build every project above industry standards. That takes commitment and unmatched attention to detail. In order to build the best fences for our customers, we adhere to these requirements:

   > Only use the best materials.

   > Create custom designs for every fence.

   > Delivery a five-star customer experience.

   > Treat the property with respect throughout the job.

   > Never walk away until we are sure the customer will be proud of their new fence.

You won’t find these in any Dallas or Fort Worth fence code, but to us, they are as non-negotiable as city laws.

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