Few things can add as much value and aesthetic appeal to a property as a brand-new, professionally installed fence. If you’re looking for the best fencing solution for your home or business, we are the Benbrook fence company you seek.

Gladiator Fence is proud to provide world-class services as an Benbrook fence company. Based in Fort Worth and founded by a fifth-generation Texan, we are an experienced hometown business with an unmatched commitment to quality.

Our team of specialists is able to provide the supplies and labor for a variety of fencing needs. Whether it’s the finishing touch on your yard or additional security for your business, we can work with you to create a custom plan and install a final product that will last for years.

Interested in choosing us as your fence company in Benbrook? Here’s a little more about the work we do and the company values that set us apart.

Types of Fencing in Benbrook

What kind of fence are you looking for? There are plenty of options. Our team is made up of specialists who can provide custom-designed fences based on your hopes for the project.

As your fence company in Benbrook, here are a few of the materials and styles of fence that we can provide:

Looking for a durable fence that will increase the beauty and security of your property? Look no further. Our carpenters are experts at crafting custom wood fences. With a wide variety of materials and styles, we can create a fence that perfectly compliments your home or business.

Privacy is a vital component of safety in pursuit of the American dream. As a fence company in Benbrook, we are proud to help provide this privacy and security through professional fence installation. A privacy fence could be the finishing touch your home is waiting for. With our team, you can be sure your fence will stay strong and aesthetically appealing for years.

An ornamental iron fence, railing or security gate can provide added protection while also making a statement. For subtle elegance and strength, there may be no better choice. Gladiator Fence can provide the required materials and labor to craft a custom iron fence for your home or business.

Are you a business owner searching for the right local fence company in Benbrook? As a hometown company, we’re proud of our Texan values. We strive to complete each project above industry standards, never sacrifice our attention to detail, and always complete each step of the process with integrity. We’re always honored to provide fencing solutions to a fellow local business.

These are only a few of the many services our team can provide. You can read more about the work we do to find out if Gladiator Fence could be the right Benbrook fence company for you.

Building Above Industry Standards

Our vision is to complete every project above industry standards. We treat each job as if it was our own property, and we’ll never leave until the job is done right.

Your fence will be a highly visible piece of your property. That means it is a significant investment. It can add value for years to come, or it can be a nuisance that you are constantly repairing.

When you choose Gladiator Fence as your Benbrook fence company, our promise is a strong fence that lasts for years and maintains its aesthetic appeal. We deliver on this promise by emphasizing longevity in all of our projects. Practically, here’s what that looks like:

We only work with the best materials. Our commitment to quality begins long before you call us. We’re only sourcing the best materials available. A fence can only be as strong as the lumber, iron or metal it’s built with. With Gladiator as your Benbrook fence company, your fence will be as durable as it gets.

Every fence is a custom fence. Your property is unlike any other, and your fence should be, too. We create custom plans for every fence depending on what you are looking for and the demands of your property.

Attention to detail is never sacrificed. Expediency is important, and we always work as efficiently as possible. But as a fence company in Benbrook, we will never place speed or profit above excellence. It’s important to us that every single board of your fence is exactly as it should be.

We hold ourselves to the highest standard of quality. That means that when you work with our team, you can count on the final product being exactly what you were hoping for.

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